as trainee on the best Ship

You times each hey when I am asked what do if you're big and want to start a training

I always said I'm going to the Sea

Hi my name is Raul'm 16 years old and in the 1st year of training at the Frisia Group on the Frisia Rhein a Offshore support vessel

We are currently located in Aberdeen, Scotland and not have today much done I think if the boss would read that he's upset but the ship is a top state and ready to the phased out when we will be called I am currently deck and am always there at help where's s a must
I will sent dangerous things always on the bridge to the senior officer, so that nothing happens to me but this is good so I'm happy with the company because she cares to my training and for that I always sure to go home coming at the moment we are 30  people on board, and all treat me as a member of the crew always teach me and much eat make sure that I eat enough and drink because it is important in this job because we work much

on weekends or in the Harbour untill 15: 00 I workafter that  free

otherwise  always from 0800-1200 and 1300-1500 Yes and Saturday and Sunday not

sometimes after 1520-1700 lesson by captain  as teacher

thanks Frisia Seaacademy for this opportunity