just think the ship is in the port all the crew (portugese) leave the vessel to go at home and only 5 crewmember on board left sitting at the Hatchcover and chill for few days 


what they will do ?

i know it but you will see waht they will do 

Summer at sea

Since today we are back home officially
and now everyday life begins again

but what have we taken away from that time
I think very much what it means to be closer to God

After almost two weeks we have met so many new and wonderful people and old friends met again that you will never see in normal life

have done cross-cultural work together and, of course, have established inter-state relations

but is it all worth it?

I think so because if each of us sows the seed can see in a few months the fruit that comes from it

that was only a small part
the official part comes in a few days


Teenstreet is over but almost 50 weeks to go for next Teenstreet

Teenstreet is now almost over but I have now the chance to write a blog 

While the week on Teenstreet I was deployed at the security (site Security) 

But what is Teenstreet 

teenstreet is a international congress for Christian teens

From whole Europe and USA and Korea 

At this time it was in Oldenburg North West Germany next to Bremen 

The Theme called Closer and that is what we came  Closer to God 


But what means closer to god

And why we have to well I think it means that we can come with all our problems and issues to him to ask him help me

but at monday we get e detailed blog entry 


Teenstreet a week with jesus

Like everywhere at the 1.08 also at Frisia Group Germany and the subsidiary Frisia Sea academy  starts new Trainees 

There are mostly are young people and fresh from school 

We have 10 in the office like shipping clerk and 24 as multi purpose rating 


We wish them all the best and good luck 

Here and of course welcome at the Frisia Group 

New Trainees at Frisia Academy

While some of us at the teenage congress Teenstreet 


Some other try to start with the new week 


We will write a detailed background on Sunday 



starting on Monday the time has come Frisia Teens is back on a 2 week mission what exactly we will try to show every day so visit us on facebook and you see us what we do Frisia Teens is a project of Frisia Group LLC and Frisia Group Germany To give us teens the opportunity to gain a foothold and prepare for our later jobs here in the company We are looking forward to 2 weeks of fun and of course profound conversations until then your J


Many wonder how does one ship get his orders and where does the ship have to go next?

I'm going to show you exactly today hello I am Jonas and intern at the Frisia group and I show you in the first episode intern on a mission it's 0800 in the morning and the first in the Chatering department are already in the office

The coffee machine makes their morning loud noise and the first have their computers powered up at point 0810 am the meeting where everything is discussed where the individual ships are and how long they need to reach the port 

then the current orders which are received on the day before the ships scattered also are the heavy further transmitted orders a Department but thats another follow Ganesh explained

so the orders are carried out against 1000 so far and now it will start all lever movement place and of course the correct ships to inform this will send an email to the respective ship sent to inform him how it usually goes to the ship egg NE week lead time they have for further plans so that enough time have all to prepare is different in the line drive.  

"I'm now sitting with Jonathan "jonathan thank you that I can be I you you know much about the ears but did you explain here just having time what?  "

"Hi Jonas is pleased me here you,.
I am just about to look where is located our Frisia Bonn, much must be changed is that the chater is over and now request a new chater many light the name or even the paint (color of the vessel) it may be possible everything here in the chaterting "I'm with 2 others for this Department to unwind as the chater contracts and to get the best "

""und what are you doing in your spare time because it's very stressful?  "

"I am relaxed much in the car on the road or look like movies or go run with Baxter "

How is life here at the company?

""quite  easy  we relaxed actually we have a new have tip communities formed because of the World Cup meet us  very often private or we assist clubs to our good mood and further give satisfaction  "

""Jonathan I see you're calling thank you for now and see you soon" 

Intern on a mission pt1

Have you ever wondered how the company contacted the ships?
Why does the ship have cranes
Or why did this ship have 2 machines

Hi i am Jonas and intern at the Frisia Group
From today I show you my world here in the company with the new week series Interm on a mission we have made you a little glimpse behind the scenes to give
Because you also want to see what exactly does the company since this week at Fretag comes the first post with the topic reception the nice face of the company so until then and look forward if you have it until then

Bye your Jonas 

Intern on a mission

You times each hey when I am asked what do if you're big and want to start a training

I always said I'm going to the Sea

Hi my name is Raul'm 16 years old and in the 1st year of training at the Frisia Group on the Frisia Rhein a Offshore support vessel

We are currently located in Aberdeen, Scotland and not have today much done I think if the boss would read that he's upset but the ship is a top state and ready to the phased out when we will be called I am currently deck and am always there at help where's s a must
I will sent dangerous things always on the bridge to the senior officer, so that nothing happens to me but this is good so I'm happy with the company because she cares to my training and for that I always sure to go home coming at the moment we are 30  people on board, and all treat me as a member of the crew always teach me and much eat make sure that I eat enough and drink because it is important in this job because we work much

on weekends or in the Harbour untill 15: 00 I workafter that  free

otherwise  always from 0800-1200 and 1300-1500 Yes and Saturday and Sunday not

sometimes after 1520-1700 lesson by captain  as teacher

thanks Frisia Seaacademy for this opportunity

as trainee on the best Ship

Yesterday one of the best people of the inspection has arrived back home and he flies Frisia AIr as it may be no different of course with Frisia air 

Frisia air is a subsidiary of Frisia Group LLC in New York and offices in CHicago New York JFK and TEB and an Office in Amsterdam is home to AMS with the cargo flights for the U.S. Army and other reputable organizations we are enroute for them of course 24/7 s around the world

For company-internal purposes between BRE and TEB  Frisia air access as but always on the B737-800 BBJ 2 for liner service 

Frisia AIr is your realiable partner in the field force supply 

Flying around the Globe